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Smash Dance Company / Hype Dance Academy / Studio 24 / Green Room Entertainment / Bec Leeson Dance Academy / Showtime HMS / Rise Performing Arts / Sing, Dance, Act! /Step Up Dance Academy / Dance Fusion / Peppermint Dance Company / The Dance Collective / K2Dance - Your images are available from the galleries below.

All Star Dance & Performance Company - Your images are available from the gallery below. Close up and single shots were taken on Saturday and wide angle and large group shots were taken on Sunday.

David Mueller Dance Photography has been operating in Perth, Western Australia for nearly 10 years. With a focus on local dance schools, the company specialises in performance photography, capturing precious dancing moments.


Photos are taken by a professional dancer and experienced photographer to ensure correct dance technique and best results.

Find your dance school/company/event below and log in with the unique password. From there you can view, select, crop and edit your favourite images. The final decision is to choose between high resolution, instant digital downloads or traditional premium quality prints in a range of shapes and sizes. We also offer framed and canvas prints, merchandise and keepsakes. All products are posted out within a matter of days. Payment can be conveniently made via Credit Card.

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Please note that all images are for personal use only. Prints cannot be reproduced or copied. SINGLE PHOTO DOWNLOAD (ORIGINAL) (PERSONAL) images can be emailed, saved, edited and uploaded to social media for non-commercial uses. Use of any images in websites, publicity, print media (fliers & posters) or advertising is not permitted without written consent. If you would like to use any images for these purposes, please email

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